Join acclaimed moto-journalist, news personality & Cuba expert Christopher P. Baker on a motorcycle tour for U.S. citizens and visit Havana, the Bay of Pigs, Trinidad & more… using BMWs and Harley-Davidsons!

“Christopher… I gave the tour a 99 on a 100 scale as I can’t imagine it gets much better than we experienced in Cuba. You did everything well and made sure that everyone in the group had a very memorable trip.
BOB HENIG, BOB’S BMW (motorcycle tour 2015) 

NOTE: On June 4, 2019, the Trump administration rescinded the “people to people” educational exchange license. However, every U.S. citizen can still legally travel to Cuba and group travel is still possible, pre-approved, under the “support for the Cuban people” license. The trips that Chris leads are designed to maximize “support for the Cuban people” through stays at private B&Bs, meals at private restaurants, and interactions with artists, private tobacco farmers, owners of private restaurants, and autonomous community projects, etc. intended to support an independent society.

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