Join Getty Images and National Geographic contributing photographer Christopher P. Baker on photo tours and expeditions to Costa Rica, Colombia, Cuba. Japan, Mozambique, Oman and Scotland on behalf of Jim Cline Photo Tours, Lindblad Expeditions, Lumaria Workshops, National Geographic Expeditions, and Un-Cruise Adventures

Christopher Baker far exceeded my expectations and it was great to travel with him…
Chris, as well as the local Cuban photographers were amazing…
It was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. Thank you!
ANONYMOUS, National Geographic Expeditions Photo Tour, Cuba 2016

Thanks for the master class in photography. I learned so very much from you, particularly about context, ambiance and milieu to create a riveting picture.
SARAH S., Jim Cline Photo Tours, Cuba 2020

Chris, you are one of a kind. Really enjoyed you as a photographer, a guide, and of course as a fabulous story teller. You have so much Cuba knowledge and I loved your positive energy.
ASA M.,  Jim Cline Photo Tours, Cuba 2020

Colombia as a destination is long overdue and Christopher’s delight in showing it to us was infectious. Chris was the perfect trip leader. His knowledge of the country and its history is vast, and he enthusiastically wanted to share it with us along with his years of experience as a photographer. He’s talented, interesting, accessible, and fun to travel with. Plus, he really did seem to care about each of us — if we were okay, getting good images, too tired, too hot, etc..
JUDY B.,  Jim Cline Photo Tours, Colombia 2018

Chris was way above our expectations. Vast knowledge of Cuba and was able to communicate clearly — he was like having a living Google Now with you. By the end of the trip we considered him a good friend that we would like to see again.
RENO D., Jim Cline Photo Tours, Eastern Cuba 2017

More than I could have imagined, Chris made photography, history and current events fascinating. Plus, he truly had a love for the locals and treated them with compassion and respect.
PAULA Z., Jim Cline Photo Tours, Eastern Cuba 2017

Please feel free to invite me on ANY cruise that Christopher Baker does with you again and I will spread the word. I know he was recovering from a motorcycling injury and still gave terrific lectures… I learned quite a bit to bring home. This was a life-changer for me. Seriously, I am hooked… Thanks to this cruise I have fallen in love with my camera.
MARY ANN A., UnCruise Aventures, Mexico’s Sea of Cortes 2017

These tours are perfect for professional photographers, beginners, and amateur hobbyists alike.



NOTE: On June 4, 2019, the Trump administration rescinded the “people to people” educational exchange license. However, every U.S. citizen can still legally travel to Cuba and group travel is still possible, pre-approved, under the “support for the Cuban people” license.