Classic Journeys Cuban SoulHollywood depictions of post-revolutionary Cuba–streets lined with vintage 1950s American cars; walls plastered with revolutionary slogans; ox-drawn plows tilling tobacco fields; sizzling salsa-filled nights–only hint at the country’s larger-than-life persona.

To truly understand how the country’s colorful history has stamped its people during a cultural tour of Cuba, you must spend time getting to know the diverse and vibrant individuals who proudly call this small island nation home.

Luis Enrique Gonzalez, for example, is a one-man encapsulation of Cubans’ post-revolutionary scrappy creativity.

Read all about him, and my friends savvy entrepreneur Julio Muñoz Cocina and vivacious artists José Rodríguez Fuster, in my latest feature–“Cuban Soul”–published in Classic Journeys.


Christopher P Baker


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