Motojournalist and renowned Cuba expert Christopher P Baker has been invited to lead a series of 8- and 11-day motorcycle tours for U.S. citizens to be offered by Edelweiss Bike Travel.

Following meetings at Edwelweiss headquarters in Mieming, Austria, it was agreed that Christopher will redesign the company’s successful 8-day ‘Best of Cuba’ and 11-day ‘Classic Cuba’ trips to conform with U.S. regulations. The trips will be offered under a general license for ‘people-to-people’ educational exchange per Cuba Assets Control Regulations, 31 CFR Part 515 administered by the Dept. of Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Controls.

With Christopher P. Baker as your tour leader guarantees that joining one of these group motorcycle tours will be immensely rewarding and memorable. Your itinerary will include activities that provide a fascinating overview of Cuba’s history and culture while maximizing interaction with Christopher’s personal acquaintances, which include Cubans of renown from all walks of life… from artists, musicians, and baseball players to local harlistas (owners of pre-revolutionary Harley-Davidsons).

Founded in 1980, Edelweiss Bike Travel is the world’s number one tour company offering motorcycle trips worldwide. It maintains a fleet of modern BMWs, Harley-Davidsons, and Triumphs in Cuba.

Acclaimed by National Geographic as “One of the world’s leading authorities on Cuban travel and culture,” Christopher pioneered motorcycle travel and group two-wheel touring in Cuba.

In 1996 Christopher shipped his BMW R100GS PD to Cuba and rode more than 7,000 miles during a three-month motorcycle journey as a licensed journalist, resulting in publication of his Moon Cuba guidebook and his award-winning National Geographic travelogue Mi Moto Fidel: Motorcycling Through Castro’s Cuba.

Ever since, he dreamed of one day being able to operate group motorcycle tours in Cuba.

In January 2013, Christopher secured a license authorizing the first such programs under the people-to-people license category. That year he led the first U.S. motorcycle group tour of Cuba end-to-end since the 1959 Revolution and has since led numerous motorcycle tours through Cuba, plus almost one hundred ‘people-to-people’ programs for Lindblad Expedions and National Geographic Expeditions, among others.

Details to be announced soon at and

Meanwhile, please mark your calendars:

March 13-24, 2018 / 12-day custom tour
Nov 14-24, 2018 / 11-day
Jan 15-25, 2019 / 11-day
Jan 26-Feb 2, 2019 / 8-day
Feb 26-Mar 8, 2019 / 11-day
Mar 9-16, 2019 / 8-day
Mar 30-Apr 6, 2019 / 8-day







Christopher P Baker


Christopher P. Baker, one of the world's most multi-talented and successful travel writers and photographers has been named by National Geographic as one of the world's foremost authorities on Cuba travel and culture. Winner of the Lowell Thomas Award 2008 as 'Travel Journalist of the Year,' he has authored more than 30 books, leads tours for National Geographic Expeditions, Edelwiss Bike Travel, and Jim Cline Photo Tours, among other companies, and is a Getty Images and National Geographic contributing photographer.