This morning I interviewed for KQED’s “Forum with Michael Krasny” on the theme ‘Cuba: One Year After Diplomatic Detente.’ I was joined by fellow interviewee Lisa Garcia Bedolla, Chancellor Professor of Political Science at UC Berkeley.

The hour-long interview was broadcast nationwide on National Public Radio (NPR).

Forum with Krasny

The wide-ranging and thoughtful interview focused on how the changes in relations between the USA and Cuba, initiated formally in December 2014, have impacted Cubans.

Human rights… Income disparity… Poverty… Cuba’s lyrical time-warp appeal… And the burgeoning private sector were all topics we touched on.

Overall, an excellent interview.

However, I’m kicking myself for failing in the primary rule of “Interview 101″… Namely: Control the message!

In this case, identify the three things I HAD TO mention, come what may, then mention them. Since I have product to sell, that means:

1) My Moon Cuba guidebook
2) My website
3) My tours of Cuba

Which goes to show that even after years of interview experience and countless interviews in which I DID meet that “101” goal, it’s easy to pay the price for becoming complacent.

An opportunity lost!

At least I have the satisfaction of this having been a very substantive interview in which Lisa and I were able, hopefully, to dispel some myths about Cuba, shed some light on Cuban “reality,” and inspire U.S. citizens to think compassionately about a country and a people I love dearly.

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Christopher P Baker


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